Mistborn- The Hero of Ages: Brandon Sanderson


Ruin has escaped his prison. The end of the world is near. Ash covers the earth, plants are dying, giant earthquakes rock the landscape. Amidst near destruction, Vin, Elend and their band fight on, trying to decipher the Lord Ruler’s messages to help, trying to find a way to defeat Ruin.

What I enjoyed most in this final instalment is what I have enjoyed most in this trilogy- the explanation of the magical systems. Sanderson links the two threads- the development of the three types of Allomancy and the battle between the gods Preservation and Ruin- and provides quite a satisfying explanation for all the different elements of the world he has created. Each element has a part to play, and the twists and turns kept me interested, especially the concluding one.

Pacing is much better than the second, though I still had problems with some of the plot points (masquerade balls during a siege, really?). Character development has been, for me, a weak point of these books- despite Vin being the sort of spunky heroine I like, I’ve never really felt too much for her. This, to me, has always been a shortcoming of Sanderson’s work- plot development over character development- and while they make his books interesting and move quickly, they stay with you for a shorter time.


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